MMA vs UFC fighter – The main differences


In case you are still a beginner, you should be aware of the basic concepts, including, for example, the difference between MMA and UFC bets. Simply put, while MMA is the sport itself, the UFC is one of the organizations where the sport of MMA is practiced.

With MMA online sports betting, you bet on the sport itself, not specifically on the organization. Also, don’t forget that some sports betting bonuses may apply specifically to UFC matches, while others may apply to MMA events in general.

But what is MMA betting?

MMA is considered a mixed martial art that, although in many countries it includes almost all forms of martial arts, it does not belong to fixed sports in itself. The bookmaker chooses what he recommends for fixing MMA bets, which event is available at which odds and market.

While in the past there were few restrictions during the fights, nowadays the fighters compete against each other under well-developed rules.

This is why online sports betting in Hungary does not differentiate between MMA and UFC bets, or only marginally so. You, as a player, only have to pay attention to get special odds for the matches and their outcomes.

Fortunately, in the world of combat sports, you can also find excellent offers at foreign bookmakers, so if you are interested in sports betting, you should not miss them!

The best markets for UFC betting

markets for UFC betting

If you have already delved deep enough into this sport, you know the most important leagues and their important players, you might want to try the more complex betting options. MMA online betting covers many possibilities, we present some of them below.

Bet on the winner

This is called Money Line or Match Betting. During such a bet, we must correctly guess the winner of the match. The lower odds indicate the favorite of the match, the higher the less likely competitor. But the nice thing about the UFC is that anything can really happen…

Bet to win

An MMA match can end in a competitor’s favor in several ways: here, too, there is a victory by points, a knockout, i.e. KO, or a takedown/technical KO. There is the un. tap out, when one of the fighters in a tight situation, such as an impossible hold, indicates that he gives up the match (submission). To make things easier, there is also the double chance bet, where two outcomes can appear on one ticket.

Under/over betting markets

Under/over markets in MMA may apply to rounds. This is usually a number in decimal format, like in soccer betting – so a bet over 1.5 is for at least 2 straight rounds. A variation on this is the so-called Fight to go the distance bet, which refers to the number of rounds that went through without a knockout.

Bet for the last round

The so-called Round Betting is really a professional field, because here we have to accurately guess the number of the last round! For this, there are other combinations – of course with higher odds – such as the number of the last round + betting on the way to win. It is absolutely worth choosing a bookmaker for UFC bets that does not only have money line markets!

UFC live betting

UFC live betting

The best UFC tipster sites also offer live betting, the bookmaker chooses how many of the above pre-match markets are live. Markets available during live betting can be: winner of the match, number of the last round, number of under/over rounds and method of victory.

Unfortunately, it is not typical for the above bookmakers to provide their own live broadcast in addition to betting. Under the Live tabs, the matches are only displayed a few minutes before the start. The disadvantage of live betting is that you have to follow the progress of the match on a separate channel/site, and that online bookmakers can sometimes freeze live betting for minutes.

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