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bets sports betting

If it goes by that, then the 3 basic bets are definitely the first to be mentioned. Although especially the system bets are a bit more complex, nevertheless all 3 types of bets impress in their simplicity of 22Bet and are therefore suitable for the largest target and age group.


The most popular bet and the best type of bet for the beginners among you is without question the single bet. With the single bet, you focus on just one game or event and thus ensure that you have greater chances of winning than with system bets and combined bets.

The answer to the question “Which bets make money first?” is therefore basically: single bet!

At the same time, with a single bet the profit is linked to only one condition. This means that the chances of winning are lower due to the smaller risk. Should you hope for a higher profit, you will have to adjust your stake and at the same time also look out for betting odds that are well above the 2 mark and thus categorized as bets on underdogs.

The best betting market for single bets are sports where three outcomes (win, loss and draw) are possible – so you can bet on win, loss and draw. For sports where only two outcomes are possible (basketball, ice hockey, chess and various special bets), the betting odds decrease somewhat.



In contrast to the single bet, you have significantly more risk on your betting slip with the combination bet. However, this also means that you have a much higher chance of winning. Many players consider the combination bet as the best type of bet.

Since the combination bet consists of several individual bets, you are free to choose which betting markets or sports you would like to combine with each other.

It is also possible to create a long term combined bet that extends over several weeks. Therefore, there are no limits to your creativity when creating a combination bet.

A common mistake in combination bets is adding bets that you think are safe in order to increase the betting odds a little bit. These are usually exactly the betting slips that trigger the biggest changes for you, should expected favorite wins not occur.

Again, we recommend a careful selection of games and events on which you have gathered sufficient information. The more research you have done, the more confident you will be to adjust your bet and increase your chances of winning.



By far the most complex version of the basic bet is the system bet. It is therefore not the best betting method for every bettor.

Basically, the system bet is the evolution of a conventional combination bet. The goal of the system bet is to give you more security, which in the end often results in significantly more risk.

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