There are four types of online slots

types of online slots

Although it may seem so, not all slot machines are the same. There are differences, and depending on the type of player you are, you may be more interested in one than the other. That is why it is so important to know the different types of online slots well:

3 rollers

They are the traditional slot machines, the ones that we can find in the bar below the house. By having only three reels there is less chance of winning prizes, therefore hitting the jackpot becomes more difficult. For this reason, several paylines are introduced (between 1 and 9) and the bets do not usually exceed three coins.

5 rollers

Logically they arose as a result of the three-reel slots, and today they are the main attraction of casinos. In this case, the chances of success are higher, they have more paylines (up to 100 depending on the machine) and the jackpots are much more attractive. So if you like to win and extend the game a little longer, the five-reel game is made for you.

With progressive jackpot

progressive jackpot

Basically the objective of this type of slot machine is to win the jackpot, or what is the same, the progressive jackpot. The only way to qualify for the prize of prizes is by making the maximum stake that the machine in question allows. Surely we leave a little more money, but the prize is worth it. By the way, they can be three or five reels.


Undoubtedly the most modern. These video slots also have something special, they offer an extra game in addition to the typical rolling of the reels, which can be three or five. When we get a certain combination, this “bonus” is automatically activated and we have the opportunity to multiply the winnings. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s highly recommended.

Winning a jackpot is the most…

We all like to win, in whatever, but win. And if you also get a good prize for doing it, happiness can be complete. To the case, winning a jackpot in slots is like scoring a goal in the Champions League final, the probability of it happening is quite small, but someone always gets it. And if that someone was you?

For those who don’t know, a jackpot is basically a progressive jackpot that all slot machines generally have. Winning it does not depend on your strategy or your knowledge, here a very important factor comes into play, luck. Each bet made by the player is deducted a small percentage from the return of the payment that makes the pot gradually increase. That’s why we can never lose hope of winning a jackpot, because everyone can win it.

And when you win… What?

Winning a jackpot

The first thing to do is celebrate it in style, these types of prizes are not won every day. Think that we are talking about an indecent amount of money. Then, when the euphoria wears off a bit, we have to put our feet on the ground and know how to appreciate the luck we’ve had. So, caution and good food otherwise the joy will last rather short.

Once we have stabilized emotionally, we have to pay accounts with the treasury, not everything was going to be a party. Taxation is based on earnings:

  • 19% up to €6,000
  • 21% between €6,000 and €50,000
  • 23% from €50,000

Winning at slot machines can be a good opportunity to create a new life. Don’t screw it up and, as advice, keep working just in case.

Now that you’ve learned how to win at slot machines, don’t forget that the most important thing is to have fun and play responsibly.

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