The world of Poker, a territory to discover

world of Poker

The world of poker may be familiar to some, but for many others it is a distant territory, yet to be discovered. Travel with us and reveal your doubts. Why is it such an attractive game? What relationship do you have with the world of betting? What differences exist between online and live modalities? Find out from the hand of our Poker expert.

4 years in the Gaming sector and 2 as Poker Product Manager, first at Cirsa and later at Sportium, attest to the career of Véronica Hernández, 30 years old and trained in Business Administration at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Let’s start with the good stuff… Could you give an example of a user who has made a big profit in a short time?

Several players have won the “Explosive Sunday” jackpot, achieving a win of more than €1,000. This is: in a tournament, the same day, in 4 hours, you get €1,000.

What differences exist between online poker and live poker?

online poker and live poker

The main difference is that in online poker you can play from the sofa at home and you are not physically in contact with the players. You can only communicate with them through chat. On the other hand, in a live tournament, you can see the strategy of your rivals in a more direct way: observing them, analyzing their reactions, interacting with them, etc. Beginners often use the online method to get into the world of poker and from there they make the jump to live tournaments.

Why play Poker with online casino?

oker with online casino

Apart from the general promotions of the iPoker network, we have private tournaments that the player can only find at Sportium. For example, the Bounty tournament by Santi Cañizares stands out every Thursday, in which players can interact with him. We also have live tournament satellites to qualify for our monthly tournaments at Cirsa group casinos. Finally, we offer special promotions such as the Rake Race that we will do for Christmas.

How has your experience been with Santi Cañizares in our tournaments?

Personally, I did not know him until last July, although I had spoken on the phone and whatsapp with him. I was surprised because he is a very accessible and close person. I had to do an interview with him and everything was great. On the other hand, in our tournaments he is also very active with our players. In face-to-face sessions, chat with them and in online sessions, interact via chat.

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